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Nov 30, 2021, 1:00 PM
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About the NFT

“A meditative mindscape of our own impermanence, The Nature of cyclic reality, from separation to whole self”

SameYou’s mission focuses on effective and long term recovery programs for acute brain injuries. This vision of optimal healing served as the core inspiration for the music and sound for this NFT. Produced by Pholio and offered on the Seva.Love exchange as carbon neutral through Hedera, this NFT consists of a meditative loop that draws the witness into a deep state of tranquility and calm. Using a binaural beat audio with two sounds at slightly different frequencies generates a listeners perception of a third frequency. In this NFT 210 Hz and 200 Hz were used to create a beat in the theta range of 10 Hz. The auditory choices are carefully curated to illuminate neurological healing possibilities as Theta brain waves are known to promote healing, relaxation, stress reduction and a boost to the immune system.

NFT Details

  • Owner’s can download a 4K rendering and loopable meditation tone audio file
  • Owner’s will have a chance to win a SameYou hoodie, sweatshirt or signed Game of Thrones collectible Dragons egg signed by Emilia Clarke (redeemable with a 1-month period)
  • Owners will have exclusive Seva.Love community access through a private NFT gated discord channel

Collectible sales benefit the SameYou organization

Your purchase of NFTs from this collection will have an unprecedented impact on SameYou’s core mission of helping survivors of brain injury and trauma.
Any sale of this NFT will benefit the SameYou organization, with a 10% royalty fee assessed on subsequent marketplace resales.
This SEVA.LOVE NFT is minted on the Hedera Hashgraph