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Dec 7, 2021, 9:00 PM
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Dec 13, 2021, 5:30 PM
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About the NFT

Realign - The impulse to find balance

This NFT is part of a series of 10, each with its own illustration which reflects the resilient journey of healing from brain injury and trauma through a microcosmic meditative experience as the delicate branches of our brain unravel the return to harmony through different states of being.

Each distinctive NFT created by the creative team at Pholio Studio builds on the symbolic, sensory experience illustrated by the collection. The organic imagery speaks to the different stages a survivor will likely experience on their path to recovery. Theta waves in the meditative loop of this grouping resonate below the human hearing range so the generated binaural beat is perceived at 10Hz frequency, promoting access to the subconscious mind and healing.

NFT Details

  • Owner can redeem a 22” x 22” print of the artwork on cotton matte paper, floated in a white frame and signed by Emilia Clarke (only unlocked if the NFT sells at auction for > 2.5 ETH)
  • Owner can redeem a signed copy of Deepak Chopra’s book Metahuman
  • Owner can redeem access to a group meditation with Deepak Chopra, MD
  • Owner will be invited to an exclusive preview, meditation with Deepak Chopra and a private dinner with the SevaLove/SameYou team during Art Basel Miami 2021 (must be claimed by 12/1/2021)
  • One (1) Seva.Love Mentor Club token, and two (2) Seva.Love Mint Passes that unlock access to exclusive Seva.Love experiences and future NFT whitelist spots will be awarded to the owner who mints the token

Collectible sales benefit the SameYou organization

Your purchase of NFTs from this collection will have an unprecedented impact on SameYou’s core mission of helping survivors of brain injury and trauma.

Any sale of this NFT will benefit the SameYou organization, with a 10% royalty fee assessed on subsequent marketplace resales.
This SEVA.LOVE NFT is minted on Ethereum